About Us
Launched in 2013 but thought in 2011, Look Ouch is an online art community, a kind of art residency without walls nor ground, breathing deep underneath an open sky.
With Look Ouch, you will be able to create a portfolio for free, personalizing it with your own and self criterias. But beware, you will soon realize Look Ouch is much more than an helpful key to the creation of a great portfolio, Look Ouch is also about the wonderful things that might happen to you after the launch of it throughout the community.
You wonder how? It´s simple.

By using Look Ouch you will have the opportunity to build your artist network and apply for creative projects of artists you have chosen to follow. In case you are the creative in need of other ones to make your idea come true, you can invite artists on the Meeting Point, and you will soon get some return from your followers.
The more you talk around about the community the more your opportunities of growing will reach you. If your quest is very specific, you can start searching by the geographic and creative field of the Gallery, if you have the luck of finding just what you were thinking, don´t be shy and invite privately the fellow!
Job posts will be available very soon and a lot of new stuff are being built for you. Just bear with us, we are young creative pandas working every single day with a bunch of bambus in both hands!

P.s. Oh, and the Daily Culture News... It's here!